Museums in England

London Transport Museum: Covent Garden, London WC2. This is an exciting journey through time which touches all the senses: see shiny buses and trams, hear the hiss and thump of points changing, smell hot oil, steam and stables, and meet the characters who have kept London moving for the past 200 years.

Museum of Childhood: Edinburgh, Lothian. The first museum in the world devoted wholly to the history of childhood is probably also the noisiest! Brimming with the joys and tribulations of childhood, from baptism to the harsh world of work, it exerts an irresistible charm — and sometimes alarm.

Consider the hazards of fashion which, until the 18th century, kept babies stoutly wrapped in swaddling clothes; and the precarious remedies for ailments, such as “two or three snails oiled in barley water or tea water” for coughs. But reconstructions of schoolroom and nursery — with rocking horses, trains and dolls’ houses — make this one of our most beguiling museums.

31. Museum of Childhood


Museum of Lead Mining: Wanlockhead, Lanarkshire. It was the lure of gold which initially enticed miners to settle in this remote valley, and when the gold ran out they worked the veins of lead in the area. Their way of life and working conditions over 250 years can be experienced at first hand with a guided tour of a real lead mine and a visit to miners’ cottages.

The mineral treasures which the miners won from the earth are also on display with a dazzling new mineral tunnel opening this year and more here.

Nature in Art: near Gloucester, Gloucestershire. The untamed and the beautiful are all captured here in a unique collection of wildlife art from all parts of the world and all historical periods. Displays include not only paintings, but also porcelain, mosaics and furniture, while outside there are nature gardens and sculptures.

Nelson Museum: Monmouth, Gwent. Horatio Nelson’s unlikely connection with Monmouth dates back to 1802 when he made a personal visit here and was given the Freedom of the Borough.

This major collection of material relating to the famous admiral comprises historic pictures and personal items such as his fighting sword. An intimate insight into his life and loves is provided by an archive of letters to and from Nelson, including many exchanged with Lady Nelson, the wife he deserted for Emma Hamilton.

31. Nelson Museum


Penny Arcadia: Pocklington, Humber-side. As you enter the Penny Arcadia a Belgian dance organ plays and you are escorted to the cinema balcony for screen and stage entertainment packed full of fun, colour and surprises: an Edwardian lady demonstrates the coin operated amusements of her era, a mechanical bird sings, a polyphone plays early disc music — then the stage revolves and the scene is of the 1920s world of entertainment.Learn some interesting facts about museums and hotels in France at compare lyon hotels website.

Later, you are guided through the museum to the most comprehensive collection of antique and vintage amusements in the world, from strength testers to “What the Butler Saw.”